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We developed the Executive Functions cards for coaches and teachers, to engage in conversations with kids and discover their skills.

All coaches, counselors and (remedial) teachers want to talk to children. That was our motivation for publishing the Executive Functions Conversation Cards on paper like playing cards, in multiple sets for different target audiences. By talking to eachother you will find out which request for help is going on and you can jointly clarify what is already going well and what could be improved.

What are executive functions and why is it important to work on them? Executive functions are 11 skills you need to succeed in life: at school, at work, in relation to others. These so-called twenty-first century skills we think have always been important to us. Making a child understand what could be improved and making him or her co-owner of the problem and skills to be learned is a '21st Century Skill' of the teacher. We want to empower you. Talk with them, not about them. EFApp gives you the right topics of conversation, for kids in every schooltype.

Executive Functions cover 11 skills:

How can you use the cards? There are many possibilities. An example: the parents' request for help is “My son cannot plan and we always struggle about that at home. He doesn't manage to finish his homework and he does it at the last minute, which makes us all stressful.”

A coach showes the conversation cards in the Planning category and discusses the statements on them with the son in a one-on-one session. By making use of deeper questions, it is examined whether he really cannot plan or whether something else is going on. The conversation with the kid shows that he is very good at packing his football bag and his own suitcase. So he can plan in that situation. You can now start discussing with the pupil how he will make the transition from packing a soccer bag to planning homework.

It could also be that the problem lies more in a lack of overview. Then you can, for example, grab the time management cards. You quickly see what is going well Smiley and what could be better Smiley

The Conversation Cards Executive Functions Progressive Web App covers all 11 EF categories. For every schooltype there are many propositions and interventions you can discuss. By keeping the scores, both the student and you get a good understanding of compliance and the challenges that remain. The scores in EFApp are saved for every user and schooltype. You can score one point per statement. Talk about propositions, interventions and explanations and let kids score themselves.

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