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Talking with kids – about their Executive Skills

As teachers and coaches, we understand that the development of executive skills in students is essential for academic and life success. Executive skills refer to a set of cognitive abilities that allow us to plan, organize, manage time, pay attention, and regulate our emotions and behavior. The development of executive skills can be challenging for some children, but with the right support and guidance, we can help them overcome these obstacles and achieve their full potential.

The effective way to support the development of executive skills in children is through talking with them. However, this can be a daunting task for many educators. That`s where EFApp comes in. EFApp is a digital tool that helps children, parents, and educators to talk about executive functions in every-day life, school or work. The app provides propositions, explanations and interventions to test and train their executive skills.

According to a study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology, when children are taught executive skills, it improves their academic achievement, behavior, and social-emotional development. Furthermore, children who are explicitly taught executive skills have better self-regulation, academic achievement, and mental health outcomes.

EFApp is a fabulous tool to help teachers and coaches to talk with children about executive functions. This app can help educators by providing them with practical examples to help their students build their executive skills. By using EFApp, educators can make talking about executive functions an interactive and fun experience for children.

One effective way to use EFApp is to incorporate it into regular classroom activities. For instance, you can use the app to introduce executive functions to students and explain why they are essential. You can also use the app to provide practical tips and strategies for building executive skills. Finally, you can use the app to assess students executive skills and monitor their progress.

Talking with kids about executive functions is essential for their development. We encourage you to try EFApp today and see the difference it can make in your students lives. Let`s work together to support the development of executive skills in all children.

EFApp covers all 11 Executive Functions

All coaches, counselors and (remedial) teachers want to talk to children. That was our motivation for publishing the Executive Functions Conversation Cards on paper like playing cards, in multiple sets for different target audiences. By talking to eachother you will find out which request for help is going on and you can jointly clarify what is already going well and what could be improved.

This app is for the whole school. Kids, your teammates or colleagues can also use EFApp on their own device. There is no password, they can log in with just your email address. For better privacy and security, no data exchange is possible between these devices. EFApp aims to advance all children in the world with executive skills. We want to familiarize all kids and their teachers with executive functions and help them apply them in their education, social and personal life and improve themselves and their environment.

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