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Their Executive Skills and Ethics & Values

Human Ethics & Values are the principles that guide our behavior and help us to live a meaningful life. They include things like honesty, fairness, compassion, and justice. Executive functions are a set of cognitive skills that allow us to plan, organize, and execute tasks. They are essential for success in school, work, and life.

There is a strong relationship between human values and executive functions. In fact, many of the skills that are involved in living by our values are also involved in exercising our executive functions. For example, the ability to control our emotions is essential for both honesty and fairness. The ability to plan and organize is essential for both responsibility and perseverance.

Talking with kids about this can help them to develop these skills and live by their values. By understanding the connection between these two sets of skills, kids can learn how to use it at school, at home, everywhere.

As teachers and coaches, we understand that the development of executive functions and ethics & values in students is essential for academic and life success. These skills refer to a set of cognitive and behavorial abilities that allow us to plan, organize, manage, pay attention, review ourselves and regulate our emotions and behavior. Ethical, executive functioning can be challenging for some children, but with the right support and guidance, we can help them overcome these obstacles and achieve their full potential.

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The effective way to support the development of executive skills and human values in children is through talking with them. However, this can be a daunting task for many educators. That`s why we made the Conversation Cards. They are apps that work on any device and help children, parents, and educators to talk about executive functions and human ethics & values in every-day life, school or work. The apps provide propositions, explanations and interventions to test and train their executive skills.

According to many published studies, when children are taught executive skills, it improves their academic achievement, behavior, and social-emotional development. Children who are explicitly taught executive functions have better self-regulation, academic achievement, and mental health outcomes.

EFApp and EVApp are developed by teachers and coaches for teachers and coaches, to talk with children about ethics & values and executive functions. These apps can help educators by providing them with practical examples to help their students build their executive values and ethical skills. By using EFApp and EVApp, educators can make talking about executive functioning and ethics & values an interactive and fun experience for kids.

One way to use the apps is to incorporate it into regular classroom activities. For instance, you can use the app to introduce one executive function or value to students and explain why it is essential. You can also use the app to provide practical tips and strategies for building executive skills. Finally, you can use the app to assess students scores and monitor their progress.

Talk about category and statements and let kids score themselves. Making a child understand what could be improved and making him or her co-owner of the problem and skills to be learned is a `21st Century Skill` of the teacher. We want to empower you. Talk with them, not about them.

Talking with kids about human ethics & values and executive functions is essential for their development.

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Human Ethics & Values

These are the principles that guide human behavior and development and help us to live a meaningful life. They are often learned from our parents, teachers, and other role models. And they are international. The 11 important human values are:

Our Conversation Cards Ethics & Values Progressive Web App helps teachers and coaches to talk with kids about these 11 values.

Executive Functions

These are the set of cognitive skills that allow us to plan, organize, and execute tasks. They are essential for success in school, work, and life. The 11 executive functions are:

Our Conversation Cards Executive Functions Progressive Web App helps teachers and coaches to talk with kids about these 11 functions.

How to Talk with Kids about Human Ethics & Values and Executive Functions

Here are a few ideas:

Advantages of Talking with Kids about Ethics & Values and Executive Skills

These include:

11 colours

EFApp & EVApp are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), they can be easily found, used and shared on any device in or out of the classroom (whiteboard, tablet, computer, phone).


Talking with kids about human ethics & values and executive functions is an important way to help them develop these skills and live by their values. It is a valuable investment in their future.

Here are some additional tips for talking with kids about human values and executive functions:

Talking with kids about human values and executive functions is a rewarding experience. It can help them to become more successful, responsible, and caring individuals.

All coaches, counselors and (remedial) teachers want to talk to children. That was our motivation for publishing the Conversation Cards on paper like playing cards, in multiple sets for different target audiences. By talking to eachother you will find out which request for help is going on and you can jointly clarify what is already going well and what could be improved.

EVApp & EFApp aim to advance all children in the world with the values and skills they need to progress. We want to familiarize all kids with executive functioning and help them apply them in their education, social and personal life and improve themselves and their environment.


The Progressive Web App was conceived and envisioned by Steve Jobs as simple, universal and progressive method for internet information exchange. Progressive Web Apps as a way to deliver all web experiences. He believed that PWAs should be:

Jobs believed that PWAs could offer a number of advantages over traditional web apps, including:

Jobs' vision for PWAs has largely been realized, and they are now becoming increasingly popular. However, there are still some challenges that need to be addressed, such as the need for better support from app stores.

Here are some additional principles of PWAs (not mentioned by Steve):

Progressive Web Apps that adhere to these principles provide the greatest UX.

EFApp and EVApp have a 100% PWA score in Lighthouse. They just work, on all devices.

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